NDP’s Kahlon wants to know what Garry Thind knew about voter fraud plan in Surrey-Fleetwood

NDP candidate Ravi Kahlon, in connection to allegations of voter fraud in Surrey-Fleetwood, on Saturday said in a statement: “We thank Elections BC for their investigation and we are pleased that there is no evidence of anyone voting through the fraudulent methods promoted by those on Garry Thind’s campaign.”

He added: “However, the intent of the instruction to gather this information was clear: to illegally request mail-in ballots on behalf of other people. The BC Liberals have admitted this much. Yet [B.C. Liberal Leader] Andrew Wilkinson has still not explained what [BC LIberal candidate in Surrey-Fleetwood] Garry Thind knew about this plan, and they have provided no evidence that he acted to correct this instruction until it became public.”