I am back as Kapil needs me: Chandan Prabhakar

Mumbai (PTI): Comedian Chandan Prabhakar, who had walked out of Kapil Sharma’s show following a tiff with the actor-host, says he decided to return as his friend needed him.

In March this year, Kapil in an inebriated state had reportedly abused, assaulted and even hurled a shoe at co-star Sunil Grover on a flight from Melbourne to India, leading to many of the crew members exiting the show.

Now, after three months, Chandan has reunited with the “Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon” actor and is back on the show.

“It was not a hardcore decision. It was a reaction for sometime… thats it. Now everything is sorted between us. I felt Kapil needs me now and I should stand by him.

“We have been childhood friends and we have fought couple of times earlier as well. But now that we are working on a television show and have become popular, so our fight was talked about. We all fight in real life with our siblings and its ok,” Chandan told PTI.

The infamous tiff led to the exit of Kapil’s team members including Sunil, Ali Asgar and Chandan following which his show faced low TRPs.

“The TRPs were affected due to the unavailability of some characters from the show. We all including me, Sunil, Ali have our own fan following. So when the characters played by us were not part of the show, it did result in the show not getting good response,” Chandan says.

There have been reports about Kapil’s attitude and arrogance. However, Chandan defends Kapil and calls him a ‘genuine’ guy.

“We have worked together earlier and when he used to say anything to me that time I used to not feel bad. Now when he talks in a similar tone to me, I feel bad. So, it’s not his problem…. its mine as my mindset has changed,” he says.

“When someone becomes popular, others feel there is arrogance in him, but people have made him big. He is a genuine guy.”

Prod him about his indecent behaviour in the flight, Chandan says, “I don’t want to discuss old things… that chapter is over.”

The other popular cast of “The Kapil Sharma” show – Sunil and Ali have refused to return to the show.

“I am sure Kapil has approached Sunil as well.. its his life and his decision whether he wants to come back or not on the show,” Chandan says.

“I am sad and I will miss them as we have worked together for three-four years. There was a bonding, chemistry that we all have developed over the years while working on the show.

Its their life and they have taken certain decisions,” he adds.