New arrest in August sexual assault of nine-year-old girl in Surrey, male previously accused released


SURREY RCMP announced Thursday they have arrested a new suspect in the August 28 sexual assault of a nine-year-old girl in Surrey.

On Monday (October 13), officers with the Surrey RCMP’s Special Victims Unit arrested Cory Schaumleffel, 28, from Chilliwack. He has been charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, sexual interference, indecent act, and break and enter with intent. He appeared in Surrey Provincial Court on Wednesday and is currently being held in custody.

This arrest occurred after a stay of proceedings was requested by the Surrey RCMP on October 10 in the case against previously accused Donovan Adams of Surrey.

A nine-year-old girl was lured out her open bedroom window in the 9900-block of 128 Street where she was sleeping and then sexually assaulted.

After being sexually assaulted, the victim was then taken to a nearby yard of a neighbourhood home and told by the suspect to remain there while he departed. Moments later the girl fled to her residence and sought help from her mother.  The girl was taken to the hospital where she was cared for by medical professionals.

Superintendent Trent Rolfe, Surrey RCMP Investigative Services Officer, said in a statement: “Donovan Adams was arrested on September 2, 2014 in part based on comments Mr. Adams made that directly implicated him in this assault.

“In the weeks following this arrest and charges, the Surrey RCMP conducted an independent analysis of the accused’s statement, which is standard practice, but was particularly important given Mr. Adams’ vulnerability. Investigators also continued to uncover further forensic evidence.

“Despite Mr. Adams’ comments implicating himself, the physical evidence did not confirm this and actually led investigation in another direction. As more evidence was unearthed, it became apparent that Mr. Adams had confessed to a crime he did not commit.

“As a result of our analysis and in combination with the new physical evidence, the Surrey RCMP could no longer maintain the belief that Mr. Adams was responsible for this offense and on October 10, 2014, requested Crown Counsel enter a stay of proceedings. Crown Counsel have been consulted throughout this process and concurred with the request and Mr. Adams was subsequently released.

“It should be noted that when forensic evidence indicated that Mr. Schaumleffel might be involved in this incident, Surrey RCMP began to actively investigate this individual. On September 13 he was arrested in another jurisdiction on an unrelated matter and was either held in custody or under house arrest until he was re-arrested on October 13 by the Surrey RCMP.”