Raj Singh, former WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal, at All Star Wrestling on October 24 in Cloverdale



BIRTHED into Indian royalty, Jinder Mahal is accustomed to having only the finest things in life, and that extends from his well-tailored suits to the ornate, lavishly decorated sherwani he wears to the ring. But beneath the posh robes and suits lies a man who is actually a ruthless and physical competitor in the ring.

Mahal revealed himself to be a master manipulator in his first days in WWE, convincing The Great Khali to turn on his own brother, Ranjin Singh, and join the vocal villain to form a new power duo destined to dominate. Backed by the 7-foot former World Heavyweight Champion, Mahal made good use of his fierce full-nelson slam to rack up an impressive winning streak.

Following a fallout with the towering Punjabi powerhouse, Mahal set out on his own, driven to distinguish himself from the other young Superstars on the Friday night roster. One surprising way that he looked to do that was by initiating an intense showdown with the fierce Ryback.

Then, the self-professed “Maharaja” and Drew McIntyre suddenly attacked Brodus Clay during his match against Heath Slater. This lit the fuse on an explosive series of 3-on-1 onslaughts by the treacherous trio in the coming weeks on various targets. Mahal, McIntyre and Slater soon revealed themselves to the world as 3MB, WWE’s resident rock band.

The rockers meddled in each others’ matches and annoyed their fellow Superstars with their antics. Though 3MB never captured championships, Mahal and his bandmates made their mark in WWE, even if they had to pester their way to it.

WRESTLING 2WRESTLING JINDER MReal Name: Yuvraj “RAJ” Singh Dhesi (6’4 / 230lbs / Punjab, India)

Born: July 19, 1986 in Calgary Alberta

Trained By: Rick Titan, Jerry Morrow, Bad News Allen and Great Gama Singh

Dhesi began his wrestling career at the Martial Arts Fitness Center in Calgary, Alberta training with former WWE superstar “Razor” Rick Titan and Premier Martial Arts Wrestling (PMW) working as Raj “The Future” Dhesi. He then went on to train with “Champagne” Jerry Morrow and Bad News Allen.

In Canada’s Stampede Wrestling, After working for a time with Hybrid Wrestling Coalition (HWC) Dhesi teamed with his cousin Gama Singh, Jr., as The Karachi Vice, and Sikh n’ Destroy. In March 2005, the team won the Stampede Wrestling International Tag Team Championship, holding it for eight months. They won the title for a second time in December of that year, holding it until November of the following year.

He also worked for the Prairie Wrestling Alliance, where he was the PWA Champion from 2008 until January 2010, and also a three time tag team champion. Dhesi also competed for Great North Wrestling (GNW), where he feuded with such wrestlers as Samoa Joe and Hannibal. In December 2009, he traveled to Tampa, Florida, to try out for WWE’s developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

Dhesi thinks that what sold him to the WWE was his ability to speak Punjabi and his authentic costume like his turban.  He remembers that, “I think they needed an Indian guy, they were looking for one.”  In early 2010, he was signed to a developmental contract with FCW. In 2012 he was a WWE superstar headlining around the world!  While working for the WWE, Jinder was in a stable called the 3MB which stands for 3 Man Band. 3MB was a charismatic bunch and Jinder was a key part of their success!

In 2014 the WWE went a different direction like they usually do and released Jinder.  The fans of course were confused due to the popularity of this young Indo-Candian superstar.  In fact when the WWE came to Abbotsford the whole crowd was cheering his name in unison.  Like it or not the fans of British Columbia wanted to see Jinder Mahal.  He is not only a brilliant wrestler but he is also a very educated man.  In fact he holds a business degree in communications and culture from the University of Calgary.

With every good comes a bad and vice versa.  The bad being released from the WWE and not being able to appear in Abbotsford.  The good being very educated and soon to be making his fans in British Columbia happy as he makes his debut for Michelle Starr’s All Star Wrestling on Friday, October 24 in Cloverdale at the Alice Mackay building.