New campaign encourages British Columbians to “See Your Pharmacist”

WHEN your busy schedule doesn’t line up with your doctor’s, where do you turn? B.C.’s pharmacists are available every day, including evenings, weekends and even holidays, says the British Columbia Pharmacy Association (BCPhA).

Not only that, but B.C.’s pharmacists are trained to provide a variety of services from providing an emergency supply of medication to advising and making changes to your prescription,
From September to October, the BCPhA is launching the See Your Pharmacist campaign to encourage British Columbians to utilize their local pharmacies as primary community health-care centres. 
With more than 4,000 pharmacists across B.C. serving in 153 of the province’s 160 communities, these experts in medication are available when and where you need them. The services offered by pharmacists are also diverse. Pharmacists do far more than just dispensing prescription medications. 
The services offered by pharmacies include:

  • Providing an emergency supply of medication
  • Reviewing the medications of those who take multiple drugs to ensure they work together
  • Providing vaccines, such as measles, flu, shingles, HPV and more
  • Renewing a prescription for up to a year
  • Advising and make changes to your prescription to avoid drug interactions
  • Helping smokers quit and providing access to free smoking cessation products
  • Providing emergency contraception
  • Advising on over-the-counter medications

The next time the doctor’s office is closed, consider visiting a pharmacy. Many pharmacies are open late, even on weekends and holidays, and are staffed with the most accessible providers of front-line health care in the province, says the BCPhA.