New ‘End Gang Life’ video and poster: “Don’t let this be your last Raksha Bandan”


CRIME CFSEU-BC poster RakhiTHE Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. (CFSEU-BC) released its latest End Gang Life video titled “Don’t let this be your last Raksha Bandan on Thursday.

Geeta Reddy, CFSEU-BC Communications Strategist, said: “On August 29, South Asians will celebrate Raksha Bandan.  The rakhi symbolizes love and the pledge of protection a brother makes to his sister. The underlying message of this latest video and poster is that too many young men have lost, and continue to lose, their lives to gang violence, leaving behind families and breaking their promise to protect their sisters.”


YouTube links to the videos:


Punjabi version:


English version: