New tickets will help homeless continue to get free rides

A solution has been found to help the homeless continue to get free transit rides once the Compass system begins.

The answer is a new single-ride ticket to replace the FareSaver;TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis says it would work under the Compass technology.

“We have, as part of Compass, a product that duplicates [the FareSavers]. That particular component will be covered off by individual ride tickets that can be purchased on a bulk basis.”

Jarvis tells us anyone will be able to buy a stack of the new tickets, and social agencies can hand them out as needed.

He adds says talks are continuing to see if TransLink should offer more of a subsidized ride to the homeless.

“We are working with the shelter organizations to determine how we can best meet the needs and make the best use of our resources and their limited resources as well.”

Homeless advocates had been worried the Compass cards would put an end to the free rides.