Next day appointment at BLS Surrey: Vancouver’s Indian Consulate General

VANCOUVER’S Consulate General of India says in a press statement that it has been receiving requests for out-of-turn appointments for submission of visa applications from those who need to travel to India in emergency situations like critical illness of relatives, medical treatment, etc.

“It is reiterated that all such applications also have to be submitted to BLS Services International Ltd. (BLS) by taking prior appointment on their website,” the statement pointed out.

“In order to cater to these requests from applicants, BLS has started opening a limited number of appointment slots for the next business day at their Surrey location. These slots are available from around 7 p.m.-7:30 p.m. on every business day and can be booked online on the abovementioned website of BLS,” the Consulate General of India added.

“Applicants are encouraged to avail these appointment slots to submit visa applications for urgent travel to India.

“It is also brought to the notice of the applicants that there are many travel agents who make false promises of ensuring confirmed appointments with BLS. These agents also use the abovementioned booking system to obtain appointments with BLS. They do not have any other arrangements with BLS or this Consulate.”