North Vancouver RCMP seek public help in April 5 altercation

NORTH Vancouver RCMP are asking for public assistance in identifying two people who were involved in an altercation that took place on the evening of April 5.

Just before 11 p.m. on April 5, an Uber driver called 911 to report witnessing an altercation between the drivers of two vehicles stopped near Mathias Road and Lower Capilano Road. One of the vehicles was described as a white minivan with black lettering on the side, and the other as a light grey 4-door sedan.

The driver of the light grey sedan was seen striking the driver of the white minivan on the head with what looked like a length of metal pipe. The assailant then returned to his vehicle and fled the scene. The Uber driver was able to recall only the first two letters of the license plate on the sedan as GP.

When the Uber driver approached the driver of the white minivan to offer assistance, he could see that the man was quite badly injured and was bleeding profusely from his head. However, the man refused help, got into his vehicle, and also fled the scene.

When officers arrived, they discovered evidence that an assault had taken place, but all subsequent efforts to identify the parties involved have not produced any results. Officers would like to speak to the two men involved and ensure the well-being of the injured man. They are asking both parties to come forward, and for any witnesses who may have information about this incident to contact investigators.

The male driving the light sedan is described as:

  • tall male
  • light grey top
  • driving a light grey, 4-door sedan

The male who was injured is described as:

  • white male in his 30’s
  • thick, reddish-brown beard
  • thick, short, reddish-brown hair
  • driving a white minivan with black lettering on the side

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Constable Damavandi at 604-985-1311.