Elderly Fijian-Canadian couple found dead in their Oakville, Ontario home; possible murder-suicide case

ONTARIO’S Halton Regional Police Service on Wednesday said they received a weapons-related call from a residence located at 1414 Summerhill Crescent in Oakville, shortly before 5 a.m.
Police attended the residence and forced entry into the home to check on the welfare of the occupants. Upon entry, police discovered two dead persons. They were later identified as Prem Singh, 69, and Jan Singh, 70, both of whom resided at this address.
Police said they are able to confirm that a shooting occurred at the home and that a gun has been located inside the residence.
An investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident is ongoing.
“Investigators believe there is no threat to public safety nor outstanding suspects in this tragic event,” police said, adding: “The family requests privacy during this difficult time.”
One of the neighbours told the media that he never heard any argument coming from inside the home and that there was no indication that there were any issues between the couple.
The neighbour said that he and Prem Singh looked after each other’s houses and even shovelled each other’s driveways.
He said when police arrived, they made several announcements to come out with their hands up, but no one emerged from the house. Police told him nobody was alive in the house.
Although police haven’t said so, from all the known circumstances it appears to be a tragic case of murder-suicide.


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