One zone fare only on buses all the time every day, starting October 5

West Coast Express, SeaBus, SkyTrain users will need existing fare-zone rates


REGARDLESS of how many zones they travel, starting October 5 until further notice, passengers on a bus anywhere with a one-zone fare will be charged the current one-zone fare on buses and HandyDART.

TransLink currently has three zones on buses, but during non-peak periods, for example, Sundays, customers pay only the one-zone fare. That fare will now be in effect all the time every day. This change will ensure that customers only pay for the travel they’ve taken, even if they don’t tap out as they exit the bus.

Bus-only passengers with Compass Cards and Compass Tickets will tap in but will no longer have to tap out when exiting the bus.

However, for all other modes (West Coast Express, SeaBus and SkyTrain), the existing fare-zone rates will remain in effect, and tapping out will still be required to ensure the correct fare is charged.

Translink said on Thursday that building on the success of Compass for West Coast Express and U-Pass BC, it was announcing the next phase of its Compass roll out.

Starting this month, and over the next several weeks, Compass Vending Machines (CVMs) will be activated in a phased manner at SkyTrain stations and SeaBus terminals.

Single-use Compass tickets will be available from the CVMs to start, and by late October the machines will be stocked with Compass Cards.

By November, Compass Cards will also be available at retail outlets, customer service walk-in centres, and by mail (through ordering online or by phone).

Approximately 130,000 TransLink customers have already switched to Compass, and the one-million-dollar mark for financial transactions on the Compass website was surpassed last week.

“Our strategy of delivering Compass in phases is working, and we’ve arrived at this important step in our roll-out today by sticking to our plan and by listening carefully to our customers and frontline employees every step of the way,” said Chief Financial Officer Cathy McLay, who becomes TransLink’s Acting CEO on August 11.

“Getting it right for our customers has always been the driving force for our decisions around Compass.”

A public education and customer outreach program is being launched to support customers in switching to Compass.

Staff will be at SkyTrain stations and SeaBus terminals to support the switch to Compass Vending Machines, help customers get used to the new tap in, tap out requirements, and to answer questions and provide general support.


  1. One fare for 3 zones for bus riders will further increase the cost of compass card. $314 million is the cost now ( $194 million plus $12 million per year for maintenance for 10 years. New cost may be $350 million or more. Huge cost just to save $5-6 million per year.

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