Parents asked to talk to kids about replica guns after Delta student detained

Cris Leykauf

DELTA police were contacted at noon on Monday (February 26) by a concerned member of the public about a suspicious male with what looked like a gun near Delview Secondary School in North Delta.

Both Delview Secondary and Gibson Elementary, situated nearby, were placed into a Code Yellow as a precaution. The Code Yellow procedure allows the school to continue with a normal school day, but cancels outside activity. Unauthorized personnel are not permitted to enter the building.

Police located the male, confirming that he was in possession of a pellet gun. The male is a student at Delview Secondary.

Both schools were in a Code Yellow for approximately 50 minutes.

“Pellet guns can easily be confused or mistaken for a real weapon,” says Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police. “This one in particular looked very similar to a real weapon.”

“This is the second time in less than two weeks that police in Delta have received a call of this nature. It is not acceptable for anyone to bring a replica gun or pellet gun anywhere near a school,” says Leykauf. “While not illegal to own, we recommend parents have a discussion with their children about safety and the appropriate use of pellet guns and replica guns.”