Petition to grant honorary citizenship to world-renowned author Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy
Photo: Facebook

THE Indians Abroad for Pluralist India organization has launched a petition to the House of Commons to grant honorary citizenship of Canada to the world-renowned author and social justice activist Arundhati Roy. The sponsor is Surrey Centre MP Randeep Sarai.

The petition notes:
“Canada has a long tradition of recognizing the work of individuals who stand up for democracy and human rights across the world, and giving them honorary citizenship in appreciation of their contribution to the humanity;
“Canada has a responsibility to stand up for these values, which are enshrined in its own charter of rights;
“Arundhati Roy is an author of international fame and a Booker Prize winner who is vocal against atrocities on the poor and marginalized, not only in India but elsewhere in the world;
“Arundhati Roy has the ability to question power at personal risk in what is largely known as the world’s largest democracy; and
“Arundhati Roy has been facing threats and intimidation for speaking out against the persecution of religious minorities and oppressed communities by the Indian state.”