PICS Society looks forward to working with Surrey Police Service

SURREY Police Service Chief Constable Norm Lipinski along with Sgt. Jag Khosa visited PICS Society Head Office last week as part of their community consultations. Lipinski shared his vision for the new policing model for Surrey that will include community input and ongoing community participation to address the policing needs in the City.

Satbir Cheema, President and CEO, PICS Society, said: “We were very impressed with Chief Lipinski’s firm resolve and commitment to make Surrey safe for the residents. PICS Society has offered full support to Chief Lipinski and Surrey Police to reach out to the community and for their initiatives to keep youth away from drugs and gangs.”

During the visit, Lipinski and Khosa were given a tour of the PICS Society office, with each program manager and director giving an overview of their respective programs for seniors, new Canadians, refugees, women and youth, including the Crime Prevention programs such as Safe Surrey which is an evidence‑based, multi-agency program designed to address and prevent youth gang violence. They were invited to PICS Society’s REACH for Drug and Gang free communities event taking place on August 19.

Lipinski was also given an update about the progress of the important community project – Guru Nanak Diversity Village – a 125-bed long-term care facility being built by PICS Society in Surrey that will provide culturally sensitive care to our seniors.

Cheema said: “PICS Society is very thankful for the visit and feeling excited in anticipation of working together with the Surrey Police to build a better and safe Surrey for our families.”