PICS Society purchases land for Multicultural Long-Term Care Home Project

Multicultural Long-Term Care HomePROGRESSIVE Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society announced at their 26th AGM that they’ve purchased land to build a Multicultural Long-Term Care Home.

“I’m pleased to announce that PICS has made an agreement to purchase 3.5 acres land in Cloverdale to build a Multicultural Long-Term Care Home for seniors,” said Charan Gill, CEO of PICS Society. “After realizing that culturally sensitive long-term care is missing in the Lower mainland, we decided to house 150 seniors who are scattered around hospitals, extended care and some other inadequate places that can’t meet their needs.”

This is a large project which will cost between $25-27 million to complete. PICS Society is encouraging all members of the community to be involved in this much needed resource which will serve the ever growing multicultural population.

Multicultural Long-Term Care HomePICS Society held their AGM at the Guru Nanak Niwas Seniors Housing on June 29 with over 40 attendees.MP Jinny Sims and MLA Harry Bains attended and shared their support for PICS Society’s initiatives and projects.

The following Board of Directors was elected unanimously:

President: Roger Elmes; Vice President: Balvindar Aulakh; Secretary: Rina Gill; Treasurer:

Paramjit Aulakh; members-at-large: Bobby Pawar, Jack Hundal, Rajpal Singh, Sarwan Randhawa and Renu Seru.

Gill thanked Mohinder Kang, retired president, for his long-term, dedicated service to PICS Society and the community.

PICS Society currently has two vacant positions for the Board of Directors. Female candidates are encouraged to apply to share their skills and expertise, while also maintaining gender equality on the board.

(Photos by Chandra Bodalia)