PICS Society raises $150,000 for new multicultural senior home in Surrey

PROGRESSIVE Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society raised $150,000 at their radiothon fundraiser which was held on October 2 on Radio India 1600AM, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. All proceeds will go towards building a new Multicultural Long-Term Care Home.

A new Multicultural Long-Term Care Home in Surrey is much needed and the community is in full support. The existing PICS Society care home has been well-received and there has been a long waiting list for quite some time. This is an indication that building another PICS Society care home will fulfill community needs.

COMMUNITY Charan Gill col Bod“I’m pleased with the generous support of the community towards this essential project,” says Charan Gill, CEO of PICS Society. “We received endless phone calls with donations to build the home and we cannot be more appreciative. Since this radiothon was successful, we’ll be hosting another one in November on Spice Radio. If we keep up with this energy, I have no doubt we’ll reach our funding goal by next year.”

PICS Society is currently seeking three to four acres of land that’s properly zoned and prepared to build the Multicultural Long-Term Care Home. This program will be a 125-bed long-term facility that’s culturally sensitive and staffed with bilingual caretakers who can provide adequate care for the seniors. Culturally chosen foods will be honoured as well as traditions and religious customs. Services will be offered to ensure the clients’ safety and quality of life. Some of the services include 24 hour emergency response, social, leisure and recreational activities, housekeeping, and assistance with daily living tasks.