Woman kills 13 in-laws with poisoned ‘lassi’ in Pakistan’s Punjab

Lahore (PTI): A newly-wed woman, who allegedly poisoned milk to kill her husband, caused the death of 13 of her in-laws who drank the contaminated milk mixed in ‘lassi’ in Pakistan’s Punjab province, a media report said today.

The woman, identified as Aasia, was forced into the marriage and had only poisoned the glass of milk meant for her husband, Amjad, to get him out of his way, but somehow he did not drink it, the Express Tribune reported.

The contaminated milk was later used to make ‘lassi’. The beverage was served to the woman’s in-laws and after drinking it, a lot of people started showing poisoning symptoms.

Thirteen people died because of severe intoxication while 14 others are still admitted at a hospital, the paper said.

The incident in Daulat Paur area in Muzaffargarh had been shrouded in mystery when it was reported two days ago.

Aasia later confessed to poisoning the milk, police said.

A case has been registered against the woman and police are conducting raids to arrest her alleged paramour, suspecting he may also have a hand in the murder.