Delta police officers run into Goose Bay in Ladner to rescue male

Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord

TWO Delta police officers and a reserve constable waded about 600-700 metres out into the ocean to rescue a man in crisis early Saturday morning.

Police officers had been alerted by the man’s family that he was in crisis. They located him driving to the end of 34th Street at Goose Bay in Ladner.

The man ran into the ocean and was followed by the two constables, who apprehended him under Section 28 of the Mental Health Act.

“Our constables were in the water for an extended period of time – longer I think than they had anticipated,” said Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord. “Although the ocean is not deep there, our police officers faced challenging conditions as the ocean floor was very soft, and they were sinking down each step they took. I believe the cold really started to impact them as they were two-thirds of the way back with the man.

“Fortunately our fire department and another police officer reached the scene and were able to assist them all back.”

The police officers were taken to hospital, but released later that day. The man remains in hospital for treatment.

“I’m very proud of the selfless actions of our officers, who risked their safety to rescue a fellow human being in distress, and I’m so pleased we had a positive outcome for this man and his family,” said Dubord.