Prashant Tiwari suicide: Ontario Minister of Health launches review of Act

Prashant TiwariONTARIO’S Health Minister launched a review of the province’s controversial Quality of Care Information Protection Act on Monday as a result of the controversy over the suicide of Prashant Tiwari, 20, of Brampton, who hanged himself on June 26 at Brampton Civic Hospital.

The tragedy took place just 10 days after Tiwari stabbed himself and asked his dad to get im admitted in the hospital’s psychiatric facility, according to the Toronto Star.

Tiwari was supposed to have been under a 24-hour watch and the hospital is investigating the matter.

The Star reported that the family received some preliminary findings from the hospital and was told more was to come.

Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins told the Star that the review will look at how the Act has been used in the past and if anything was lacking. The Act was meant to allow health professionals to reveal medical error without fear and to protect patient privacy. But critics allege that it is become more like a protection for health care providers at the expense of the public’s trust.