Premier Christy Clark offers jobs to Punjabis with the required skills

PREMIER Christy Clark on Sunday told reporters in Chandigarh, India, that B.C.’s LNG project would create some 100,000 jobs for plumbers, electricians, welders, mechanics and even qualified engineers and others, according to the Tribune newspaper.

The Indian Oil Corporation has invested $4 billion in B.C. for the LNG project worth $36 billion, the newspaper said. The natural gas would be shipped to India.

“As a large number of Punjabis are already settled there, my state would like to take maximum skilled workers from Punjab and India because they will have no problem in adjusting there. … It is the biggest Indian investment there. Once the project meets the deadline, we can expect more investment from India,” she said.

Clark praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for empowering states to have direct trade ties with various countries. “Modi is removing red tape to quicken the process of investment. This will bring more business and jobs,” she said, according to the Tribune.

She also encouraged collaboration between educational institutions in the two countries. “One school each in India and Japan are the two latest international schools approved to offer the BC curriculum,” she said.  SBRS Gurukul School, located near Chandigarh, would begin offering BC offshore school program from 2015.