Premier Horgan slams federal finance minister for Trans Mountain pipeline investor compensation

John Horgan

PREMIER John Horgan on Wednesday slammed federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau for the federal government’s Trans Mountain pipeline investor compensation.

Horgan said in a statement: “We are standing up for British Columbia’s environment, economy and our coast against the threat of a bitumen spill, and we are doing so entirely within our rights.

“The federal finance minister is trying to use our government as an excuse, as the federal government puts taxpayer money on the line to backstop risks to private investors, while completely ignoring the risks to B.C. The fact is, we’ve been issuing permits in a fair and timely manner, and have proposed new regulations that are now referred to court to confirm our jurisdiction.

“We are acting well within B.C.’s rights to defend our environment, and the tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity that depend on it.”


  1. I think Mr Horgan should not compare Trans Mpuntain to Energy East and Keystone XL as those were not projects approved by both the federal and provincial governments. BC previous government approved this project and Mr Horgan is trying to go back on that decision. I feel BC should be liable for all extra cost his delays are causing. Any decisions can be repeatedly delay in the courts as long as your willing to pay the costs and apparently Horgan has no problem spending tax payers money trying to delay this to death. If I was the Kinder Morgan I would be lining the equipment up at Burnaby and start putting pipe in the ground heading towards Alberta. If Morneau doesn’t financially punish the BC NDP I would be really supprised. I don’t think he will do it out in the open but I’m sure he will do it behind closed doors and I think that would be well deserved.

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