Proudly Surrey Party calls for immediate suspension of mail-in voting

PAULINE Greaves, candidate and standard bearer for the Proudly Surrey Party, is calling for an immediate suspension of all mail-in voting in Surrey after an explosive report from the Wake Up Surrey citizens group.

On Friday, Wake Up Surrey made an official complaint to both the BC Chief Electoral Officer and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police alleging a massive conspiracy to affect the votes of up to 15,000 Surrey Citizens.

“If even a fraction of this is true, this is completely unacceptable,” said Greaves. “The people of Surrey must not have this election stolen from them, for that reason I am calling for the immediate suspension of all mail-in balloting for this election. We have over a billion dollars in transportation funding at issue in this election and we must not have that stolen for the benefit of a few.”

Wake Up Surrey alleges that some 600 individuals have been tasked to obtain mail in voting forms for up to 25 people each. The group does not indicate in their complaint to either the Chief Electoral Officer or the RCMP which candidates are involved in this illegal scheme.

“A coordinated effort to steal this election from voters strikes at the heart of our democracy” said Parshotam Goel, Pauline Greaves’ running mate and Candidate for Surrey Council. “I joined Proudly Surrey because this is a Party that talked about ideas and good government, not about enriching friends.”

“We realize that suspending mail-in ballots may disenfranchise some innocent voters in this election,” said Greaves. “But the alternative is to have organized crime controlling City Council. We at Proudly Surrey want this investigation wrapped up as quickly as possible so that legitimate votes can be counted.”