Proudly Surrey says Tom Gill and Surrey First – and others – have ‘stolen’ their policies

Stuart Parker

PROUDLY Surrey’s council candidate Stuart Parker said on Wednesday that its response to the announcement by Tom Gill and Surrey First of a policy of eliminating fees at Surrey community centres for youth is summed up in two words: “Thank you.”
“Thank you for copying our policy. Thank you for realizing what an awful job you and your party have done in representing the youth of Surrey.” Parker said. “And thank you for realizing that your Proudly Surrey has the only coherent policy platform in this campaign, one that is worthy of stealing.”
Proudly Surrey announced this policy in April of this year under its “A CITY FOR OUR KIDS” policy and has been on its website for months. 
Proudly Surrey said this is the third time this campaign season that other parties have aped its policy. “Councillor [Bruce] Hayne and Doug McCallum have agreed with us on the establishment of a Surrey Police Force, and Councillor Hayne has copied our position on the building of Phase 1 of the LRT [Light Rail Transit],” pointed out Parker.

“We are happy to be driving the policy agenda for all parties in this election, though Tom is being deducted marks for not citing his sources,” quipped Parker, who is also a lecturer at Simon Fraser University and says he regularly deducts marks for not citing research.