RATTAN’S ROAR: Stephen Harper’s MP says “WHITIES” staying home, while “BROWN PEOPLE” being brought in

MP WilliamsonTHERE is deafening silence from Prime Minister Stephen Harper about the shameful racist comments made by his former director of communications, New Brunswick Southwest MP John Williamson.

How come Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney is keeping his trap tightly shut also?

According to iPolitics, Williamson told delegates at the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa on Saturday that it makes no sense to pay “whities” to stay home while companies “bring in brown people.”

Coming from Williamson, who, according to his website, was “Harper’s Director of Communications and was responsible for overseeing government-wide communications” and “an editorial writer at the National Post and a member of the newspaper’s editorial board” before he became MP, this is indeed a sad reflection on Harper and his fellow Conservative MPs.

Of course, Williamson, who “was also named a senior fellow and fellow, respectively, with the Manning Centre for Building Democracy and the Fraser Institute,” had no choice but to offer the usual apology when racists like him are exposed.

He tweeted: “Today I used offensive and inappropriate language regarding the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. For this I apologize unreservedly.”

Interestingly, he also tweeted: “I believe different parts of Canada have different labour needs. With respect to my region, I believe employers in my district need to work to fill job vacancies by prioritizing Canadians for available jobs.”

What EXACTLY did Williamson mean by “prioritizing Canadians for available jobs”?

For him a Canadian is only one who is WHITE – the “WHITIES” as he himself put it.

“BROWN PEOPLE” are those unwelcome immigrants who take away jobs from the “WHITIES”!

This is just the same old, same old b.s. that the former Reform Party of Preston Manning and the Fraser Institute have always subtly and not-so-subtly fed Canadians for too long.

This incident REALLY EXPOSED the racist scumbags that are still poisoning the multicultural atmosphere of Canada.

Williamson’s website also states, “John is married to Lieutenant-Commander Kelly Williamson who serves in the Royal Canadian Navy.”

I can only pray that such racist views have not polluted the Royal Canadian Navy also!