RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Conservatives continue with same old attacks on Trudeau, but are getting nowhere!


An anti-Trudeau flyer distributed by Conservatives.
An anti-Trudeau flyer distributed by Conservatives.

YOU know federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and his party may not have to spend too much money on their 2015 campaign.

That’s because they are garnering hell of a lot of FREE publicity thanks to the Conservatives – who just don’t seem to get it!

They are still hammering away at the Trudeau’s stand on MARIJUANA, just not realizing that they are only preaching to the converted – their own Conservative base. That is because all polls reflect the current reality of MOST Canadians holding pretty liberal views about smoking marijuana which any kid can buy anytime they want even without legalization of sales.

I found it terribly amusing that federal Public Safety Minister Stephen Blaney was SO DESPERATE that he used ONE-THIRD of his address this week at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Conference on attacking Trudeau’s marijuana stand!

This is what he had to say according to the official press release sent to newspapers:


FINALLY, I want to touch on a topic that has been addressed at this conference a number of times this week, Justin Trudeau’s proposal to legalize recreational smoking of marijuana.

Canada’s Chiefs of Police have reconfirmed that they oppose legalizing marijuana. The President of the Canadian Medical Association has been very clear about the harmful effects of marijuana, comparing it to smoking. A recent Harvard study showed the harmful effects marijuana has on the developing brains of teenagers and young adults.

Yet Justin Trudeau’s signature policy is to legalize the sale of marijuana, which would make it easier for our children to access.  Trudeau has made it clear that his vision of legalization would make smoking marijuana a normal everyday activity.  He has said that he would allow marijuana to be produced commercially, and he would even allow it to be grown completely unregulated in private homes.

So police chiefs oppose legalization, doctors oppose legalization, but Justin Trudeau wants it legalized.

Canadians – and parents especially – can count on our Conservative Government to put forward policies that protect children’s health and keep our families safe.


BUT the fact is that MOST Canadians don’t agree with that as poll after poll has shown!

(For the record, I have NEVER smoked marijuana, nor have I ever taken any illegal drug. I am against all illegal drugs, including steroids. I am also against smoking or chewing tobacco.)

In the latest weekly Nanos poll, 32 percent of Canadians said Trudeau was their preferred choice for prime minister followed by Stephen Harper at 27 percent, NDP’s Tom Mulcair at 16 percent and Green Party’s Elizabeth May at six percent nationally.

Also this week, another poll – Ipsos Reid – confirmed the political reality that the Liberals remain ahead of the Conservatives.

Ipsos Reid in their press release noted: “In the Spring of 2014, it looked as though the Harper Conservatives had re-fuelled their tanks and were making up some ground on Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, but with a little more than a year to go until the start of the fixed election date campaign scheduled for the fall of 2015, it appears that the Tories [Conservatives] are sputtering while the Grits [Liberals] are cruising.”

The latest Ipsos Reid poll conducted between August 14 and 17 for Global News showed:

* Trudeau and the Liberals would receive 38% support among decided voters, up 5 points since April.

* Harper and the Conservatives would receive 31% of the vote, down 2 points.

* Thomas Mulcair and the NDP sit unchanged at 24%.

* The Bloc under Mario Beaulieu would receive 3% of the vote (15% in Quebec), down 3 points.

* Elizabeth May and the Green party would also receive 3% of the vote nationally, down 1 point.

*15% don’t know who they would vote for at this early juncture.

Ipsos Reid noted: “The Tories have had a difficult year trying to gain traction with voters, while at same time the Liberals – who have their sights set on a majority government in the next election – are continuing an upward trajectory that began two years ago, despite the odd blunder or misstep from the rookie-leader Trudeau.”

The poll showed:

* In Ontario, the Liberals (40%) hold an 8-point lead over the Tories (32%), who lead the NDP (24%).

* In Quebec, the Liberals (38%) have a comfortable lead over the NDP (29%), while the Tories (17%) and Bloc (15%) are on shaky ground.

* In British Columbia, the Tories (40%) have a tenuous 4-point lead over the Liberals (36%), who are well ahead of the NDP (19%).