RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Why NDP’s Jasbir Sandhu (Surrey Centre) is laughing – as Randeep Sarai is forced on Liberals in his riding!

Randeep Sarai
Randeep Sarai

WHAT a joke!

Randeep Sarai, the man who became a laughingstock when the so-called pathetic kingmakers of the federal Liberal Party in the Lower Mainland tried to sabotage Surrey-Newton candidate Sukh Dhaliwal by promoting him (Sarai) but failed so miserably, is now going to be the party’s candidate in Surrey Central.

And MP Jasbir Sandhu (NDP) must be rolling over with laughter!

Yes, this very Sarai — who tried but failed to be the party’s candidate in Vancouver South (where the “kingmakers” managed to influence a naive Justin Trudeau, the party leader, to ignore businessman Barj Dhahan and parachute in Lt-Col. Harjit Singh Sajjan), then in Surrey-Newton (where Dhaliwal thrashed the living daylights out of Sarai and totally humiliated the World Sikh Organization-associated individuals who were backing Sarai), then again in Fleetwood-Port Kells (where the party finally decided to bring in a well-known candidate, Ken Hardie) — has FINALLY been selected for Surrey Centre. (The official announcement is planned for Friday.)

Jasbir Sandhu
Jasbir Sandhu

And in this ludicrous process, some faithful Liberals who were ignored are furious at this choice – and some told me they will now vote for Sandhu.

This infighting among the Liberals may prove to be very costly to the party in Surrey – and in Vancouver South.

The Conservative candidate in Surrey Centre is respected businessman Sucha Thind.


SARAI’S past is likely to be brought up during the campaign either directly or indirectly – and that too in a riding which is said to be staunchly NDP.

His opponents will mock him as a candidate who got the LEFTOVERS and that also due to discredited “kingmakers.”

Then they will bring up his unfortunate problems in the past as a lawyer.

Sucha Thind
Sucha Thind

According to the B.C. Law Society’s website: “Between 2002 and 2005, Sarai breached multiple undertakings on real estate files and allowed multiple other errors to be made in trust accounting and the general handling of his practice. In a decision issued on May 9, 2005, he was found to have committed professional misconduct and was suspended for one year.

“Pending the 2005 disciplinary hearing, Sarai was allowed to continue practising subject to having a practice supervisor oversee his work. Contrary to the terms of this agreement, he failed to provide files to his practice supervisor.

“Sarai allowed his membership in the Law Society to lapse at the end of 2005.”

In 2010, Sarai successfully applied to be reinstated as a lawyer.

You can read the decision at: