RCMP’s racism against South Asians in Surrey shows why Surrey Police Service must replace it

SHAME on RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, BC RCMP Commanding Officer Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Strachan, and Surrey
RCMP Assistant Commissioner Brian Edwards for failing to control the disgusting racism against South Asians by pro-RCMP forces including the ‘Keep the RCMP in Surrey’.

This has been going on for months now and we have every reason to believe that the RCMP bosses in Ottawa and B.C. are encouraging, if not actually directing, this fascist attack against democracy in Surrey. As it is, Lucki was forced to admit that there is systemic racism in RCMP.

And people want to know why the ‘Keep the RCMP in Surrey’ group is being allowed by the RCMP to blatantly use their logo, as MediaWaves Communications’ Ashiana Khan pointed out this week after being targeted by this group. Are the RCMP top officials so ignorant and dumb about this?

Also, let us not forget the criminal sexual behaviour of male RCMP officers because of which we taxpayers have to pay $200 million in compensation to all the RCMP female officers and other female RCMP employees who were victims. We do not know the names of those perverted male officers and many of them could well be senior officers in Surrey RCMP.

In fact, many feel that the federal government should take the $200 million of our taxpayers’ money from the RCMP budget and give part of it to the City of Surrey to help establish the new Surrey Police Service.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier John Horgan along with their public safety ministers should pull up the RCMP bosses in Canada and B.C., respectively, and demand that they end this fascist behaviour in Surrey.

This has created a dangerous situation in Surrey because more and more South Asians will refuse to cooperate with the RCMP and this would endanger everyone’s safety.

The pro-RCMP forces in Surrey have been mocking South Asians and taunting them with comments on social media such as “what about a new delhi force …?” Some other comments are too disgusting to mention.

These pro-RCMP forces have used the most vulgar language possible in attacks on Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and others. They have resorted to personal attacks in the most disgusting way possible. Their emails to politicians and officials are rude and insulting and threatening – and many recipients have complained to us.

Now with the steady progress in the formation of the Surrey Police Service and with more and more RCMP officers preparing their resumes to apply to the new force, these forces are in a state of panic and are getting increasingly aggressive.

Surely, the RCMP top officers in Surrey are well aware of all this, but like cowards have kept their mouths shut – but South Asians won’t any longer!

What don’t these guys and their white racist supporters in mainstream media get about democracy?

We have pointed out these facts again and again:

1. Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and seven of his Safe Surrey Coalition members won the election fair and square on the pledge that they would form a Surrey police force to replace the RCMP. In fact, all the eight new Councillors, including the lone one from Surrey First, voted to ditch the RCMP at the very first Council meeting.

2. The Police Act says that any city with a population of more than 5,000 can decide what type of police force they want. So, when the City of Surrey approached the Provincial Government with its proposal, the latter had no option but to give the go-ahead. In spite of three Councillors ditching McCallum’s group, the mayor still controls the majority vote in Surrey Council.

3. Among the tactics that the pro-RCMP forces started resorting to was the call for a referendum on the change in policing. However, legally, only the City can authorize such a referendum – the Province or the federal government cannot. Yet despite this fact, the RCMP bosses have been apparently inciting their supporters to carry on with that demand.

Maybe, Lucki needs to be booted out along with some top RCMP officers in B.C.