Residential property crime substantially down: Richmond RCMP

RICHMOND RCMP announced on Wednesday that there has been a decrease of 32 per cent in residential break-ins over the same period (April to September) as last year.

They attributed this success to the combined efforts of the Property Crime Unit (PCU), Prolific Offender Suppression Team (POST), frontline officers, Crime Prevention Unit, Block Watch Unit, and crime analysts.

“We have attacked residential break and enters with an all-hands on deck approach and used a highly data driven methodology aided by our crime analysts. We are then able to map areas, times, and identify patterns or trends in behaviour. This information then can be quickly disseminated to all of our frontline and specialty units,” said Sgt. Simon Lee, NCO in charge of Richmond RCMP Crime Reduction Unit.

“Our several-pronged approach in investigating and disrupting suspects responsible for residential break-ins has resulted in the arrest of several high profile offenders, each responsible for multiple crimes. We have shown that a common goal can reached with a unified and concerted effort among all units. “