Residents support City of Vancouver’s Emerging Housing Directions to deliver more rental, housing options

AFTER engaging 10,000 residents on the City of Vancouver’s new actions and approach to address the housing affordability crisis, residents have resoundingly told the City that affordability is their top priority, that the City’s new housing strategy should prioritize housing based on what local residents can afford, and that the City’s Emerging Directions for its Housing Vancouver Strategy are on the right track.

Results of the engagement process indicated broad support for the proposed priorities for Housing Vancouver<> approved by Council in March 2017. A majority of respondents agreed that focusing on creating the ‘right supply’ of housing, ensuring security and stability for renters, and supporting people who are homeless, would make a positive impact for themselves, their families, and people in the city of Vancouver.

The survey found an emerging preference among all respondents for a greater diversity of housing forms in the city. In terms of the type of housing people would be looking for in their next move, townhouses, rowhouses and duplexes (46%) were the top choice for owners, while low-rise apartments (58%), mid-rise apartments (43%) and townhouses / rowhouses / duplexes (40%) were the top choice for renters.

Affordable housing for people of all incomes remains a top concern for residents, as well as growing inequity between those who can access housing and those who cannot. Many believe investment pressure is a primary contributor to escalating prices and are looking to all levels of government for action. A majority of renters are concerned about their future in Vancouver, with affordability being a key reason why they might choose to leave. The City’s new housing strategy will set housing targets that are connected to incomes – making sure that new homes are within reach for people who live and work in Vancouver.

City staff will report back to Council on Tuesday, July 25 with detailed results of the public consultation, preliminary interim targets for housing in the city across the next ten years, and early actions to achieve those housing targets. The City will reach out to the public in fall for further consultation on these targets and actions, which will be incorporated into the final Housing Vancouver strategy.

Visit<> to learn more about City’s new priorities and actions for Housing Vancouver.