Ride-hailing has arrived in Vancouver

THE City of Vancouver announced on Thursday that it has issued its first ride-hailing business licences to Lyft and Uber.

Receipt of a municipal business licence is the final step for a company to legally operate ride-hailing vehicles in Vancouver. Companies must also hold a Provincial Transportation Network Service (TNS) licence from the Passenger Transportation Board, which Lyft and Uber received on January 23.

“I’m very pleased to announce that ride-hailing is finally coming to Vancouver! We’ve been working hard to prepare for this, and staff have turned around business licences for Uber and Lyft on the same day they were issued by the Province,” said Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart.

Following the decision by the TransLink’s Mayors’ Council on December 12 and direction from Council in October, the City said it is actively engaged with other municipalities to develop inter-municipal business licensing for ride-hailing companies operating in the Lower Mainland. Until then, Vancouver’s municipal licence ensures ride-hailing vehicles will be on the road in Vancouver without further delay for residents.

“Vancouver will experience some of the highest road and emissions impacts from the introduction of ride-hailing vehicles, and our licensing ensures our residents gain access to the advantages of ride-hailing immediately without compromising the City’s commitment to passenger safety, increased mobility and accessibility, reduced carbon emissions, and affordability,” said Kathryn Holm, Chief Licence Inspector.

For more details on ride-hailing in Vancouver, visit vancouver.ca/ride-hailing.


Business licensing:

• The annual licence fee for ride-hailing, taxi and limousine businesses is $155.

• As part of the business licence, ride-hailing companies pay a $100 annual per vehicle fee.

• Wheelchair accessible and zero emission vehicles will pay a $0 annual per vehicle fee.

• Licensing fees cover the program administration costs and analysis of trip and vehicle data submitted monthly by companies.

• Data collected will be used by staff to audit and evaluate the impact ride-hailing has on transportation and congestion in Vancouver and to enable the Curbside and Congestion Management Permit administration.

Addressing congestion:

• Ride-hailing vehicles operating in the metro core between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. are required to pay 30 cents per each pick-up and drop-off as of January 6, 2020.

• Fees are reduced by 50 per cent for zero emission vehicles.

• Wheelchair accessible vehicles are exempt from the fee.

• Metro Core is the area bounded by Burrard Street, 16th Avenue, Clark Avenue, and the Burrard Inlet.