Vikram Bajwa is running from Surrey-Green Timbers

BC People’s Party President Vikram Bajwa said on Thursday that he has filed his nomination to run in the Surrey-Green Timbers riding in the provincial election.

“The main issue at hand for me is to establish an independent police department for British Columbia. The RCMP have done good job, but B.C. needs to go to the next level in security and get drugs off the streets, especially in Surrey, Vancouver and Abbottsford. I feel we are ready to have an independent provincial police department in the coming years,” he said.

“I will establish another hospital in Surrey-Green Timbers with private-provincial partnership if I am elected,” he added, appealing to the people to support him as an activist, father and businessman “with political acumen” to become their MLA.


  1. Maybe NOW that Mr Vikram Bajwa AKA Apna MLA lost. He should concentrate on pick up his election signs!
    Last time Mr Bajwa ran in the 2013 provincial election, he did NOT collect a single sign after the election. they were seen floating around the streets off Surrey. Lets hope this isn’t the same issue this time, but in saying that his signs are still out there when Many of the running candidates have already collected there signs.

  2. Goes to show how lazy this Vikram Bajwa guy is. He wants people to vote for him, but this guy can’t even pick up his own signs. Doesn’t have a clue about politics but yet he’s running. I tried contacting his cell number (number shown on the campaign sign) but it’s been disconnected. Go figure. The city should look at fining him.

  3. VIKRAM BAJWA in an email to the Editor says:


    1 There are No official results declared so Election process still current.
    2 RCMP complaint on Election Sign damages- they need to see Proof.

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