The Last Salute – a must-read book by former squadron leader of Pakistan Air Force

Nusrat Hussain

THE Last Salute, a memoir by squadron leader (retired) Nusrat Hussain of Pakistan Air Force, was released last Saturday at Punjab Bhawan at an event organized by renowned TV host Harpreet Singh.

Dr. Mohammed Tariq, Pakistani Consul General in Vancouver, was the chief guest and Kavinder Chand of Punjab Bhawan was a guest of honor. Punjab Bhawan is provided for free for all literary activities of all the communities by Surrey businessman and philanthropist Sukhi Bath.

Harpreet Singh, introducing the book, highlighted the cordial relations between the members of the Pakistani and Indian community living in Vancouver. Many other prominent members of the Pakistani and Indian communities lauded the services of Hussain, who started The Miracle, the first Muslim newspaper of British Columbia, after immigrating here.

Hussain briefly described about the joy and pain he experienced while penning The Last Salute. He called the Air Force his romance. He also spoke about the aircraft crash in which then-Pakistani president General Zia-ul-Haq died.

Consul General Tariq the book as a naughty and a thrilling narration about the lives of the pilots of Pakistan Air Force who served during Hussain’s days of service.

Nusrat Hussain was a fighter pilot in the Pakistan Air Force to become a fighter pilot. He went on to become an air traffic controller and retired as a squadron leader. During his time in the air and in the tower, Hussain learned dozens of lifesaving lessons. Now he’s sharing his insights in a newly published memoir – The Last Salute.


THE book chronicles the tales of several fighter pilots—some of whom perished in crashes and others who survived by making the  right split-second decision. “All fighter pilots serving in any air force in the world must read the chapters entitled Dangling in the Air and Flights to Heaven. Actions taken by the pilots in these stories might one day save their lives,” says Hussain.

Dedicated to Hussain’s late father, Abboo Saheb, the book is titled The Last Salute because before retiring from the Pakistani Air Force, Hussain presented the last salute to his father. “My father was a hardworking man with great vision and integrity,” said Hussain. “He brought us from poverty to respectability.”

While of particular interest to those with an air force background, The Last Salute will also appeal to readers who enjoy hearing offbeat stories of military life.

Hussain also served in the Bahrain Amiri Air Force (BAAF) as an air traffic control officer.

The Last Salute is available through Tellwell Publishing and Amazon.