Security cameras installed in Vancouver’s 1400-block of East 54 after two South Asian groups clash again






VANCOUVER Police have installed special security cameras in the 1400-block of East 54 to keep a check on some members of one of the two groups of young South Asians involved in the ongoing conflict in the South Slope area. The clashes since last year have resulted in shootings, assaults, arsons and other acts of vandalism that I have reported time and time again.

The cameras were apparently inspired by what the Abbotsford Police did last year when two groups of young South Asians started targeting each other starting May 2014.

Things had quietened down quite a bit in the past months, until some three weeks ago when members of one group were partying at a southeast Vancouver banquet hall and members of the other group showed up to confront them. There was a free-for-all in the parking lot with stabbings.

A week ago, members of the group that had been attacked found out that members of the other group were at the same banquet hall and they landed up there. There was another fight with knives in the parking lot and a couple of people got stabbed.

By the time police arrived, the two groups had left. But then paramedics received a call about a man who was suffering with non-life-threatening injuries some blocks away. Police believe he was one of those at the hall.

The banquet halls have nothing to do with the violence, but the trouble-making youths don’t seem to care as they apparently attend their friend’s parties with weapons on them while their rivals turn up there with weapons too. And they don’t seem to care that they are ruining the parties where there are hundreds of innocent men, women and kids, and causing embarrassment to the whole community.