New election ID rules could see voters turned away, warns Liberal candidate Ken Hardie


Tips for seniors, students and First Nations who may find it more difficult to vote


Ken Hardie
Ken Hardie

FEDERAL Liberal Commissions across Canada have prepared information to help seniors, students and aboriginal voters meet the new ID requirements put in place by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in their ‘Fair Elections Act’, which they pushed through Parliament and the Senate in 2014, notes Liberal candidate Ken Hardie (Fleetwood-Port Kells).

Students who will be leaving home to attend college or university will need to take specific steps to ensure they have the correct identification when they go to vote.  Similarly, seniors who have moved from their homes into care facilities will need to prepare their identification documents, possibly with the assistance of the facility.

Information for seniors and students is available at this link:

First Nations voters can get assistance on the Assembly of First Nations web site:

Hardie, who is also President of the Federal Senior Liberals’ Commission of BC, says this election is too important to see Canadians left out. “Election Day is Monday, October 19, and with Elections Canada now forbidden to promote voting by the Fair Elections Act, political parties and citizen advocates will be even more involved in ensuring Canadians have the information they need to exercise their right.”