Shalendra Kumar Sharma sentenced to a year in jail for attacks on prostitutes

CRIME 2012 SHALENDRA KUMAR SHARMASHALENDRA Kumar Sharma, 46, has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 15-year-old sex trade worker nearly two decades ago and mistreating four other prostitutes which involved him picking them up in Vancouver and driving them to an industrial area in Burnaby south of Marine Way.

He’s been sentenced to a year in jail.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Terry Schultes said: “Put simply, forcing sexual intercourse on a teenage sex trade worker, even if it’s a dated offence, and breaking the wrist of another sex trade worker in the context of a fee dispute, requires a period of actual incarceration.

“However, I am satisfied that the period required is lower than it would otherwise be, if significant mitigating factors were not present.”

Sharma was sentenced to one year and 14 days in prison and three years’ probation. He must attend any sex offender treatment programs directed by his probation officer. He is restricted from being in a large area of Vancouver and the area in Burnaby where he committed the crimes.


  1. Why wasn’t he charged to statutory rape for the 15 year old??
    The crown feels good with his sentence shows how much they care about women in BC.

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