Sim Sanghera among 17 North Vancouver RCMP Auxiliary Constables

Sim Sanghera is seated on the far right.

SIM Sanghera was among 17 North Vancouver RCMP Auxiliary Constables that graduated on July 11. These dedicated local men and women of Troop V began their training on February 17 at the North Vancouver Detachment.

The training was supported by the Province of BC along with the City and District of North Vancouver. The specialized training included in part: law, effective presentation, physical training, marching, directing traffic and self-defence. The training was delivered by officers from the North Vancouver Detachment. Every test they passed took them a step closer to being an Auxiliary Constable.

Auxiliary constables are non-paid volunteers who compliment the serving police resources. Auxiliaries dedicate countless hours every year to their training and participate in crime prevention programs and proactive community

Sim Sanghera

policing initiatives.