Some hope for Canadians stranded in India

NADIR Patel, Canadian High Commissioner in India, tweeted on Saturday: “We are working hard to navigate solutions in this complex environment for the large number of Canadians in #India who wish to return home; we have made significant progress with airlines & authorities to facilitate commercial flights home & will share details as soon as possible.”

A day earlier, Patel had tweeted: ” We continue to seek travel options to help Canadians return home. We are exploring a range of possibilities but things remain complex. We will stay in touch with you at least once every 24 hours through our ROCA messaging. If you haven’t registered, visit“.

Patel also tweeted on Saturday: “For those #Canadians in #Nepal looking to return home, we suggest you plan to arrive in #Kathmandu soonest for any flight opportunity. We are exploring options for commercial flights, and we will stay in touch through our ROCA email service and @CanadainNepal“.