Surrey bans open burning of any kind

THE City of Surrey on Monday noted that recently, the BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) made recommendations to the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change related to air quality and COVID-19.  The BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has acted on these recommendations and have placed mandatory emission reduction actions in place for high smoke sensitivity zones.  In keeping with the provincial requirements, Metro Vancouver has also restricted all open burning.

To ensure that all are following these recommendations and requirements; effective immediately, all burning permits issued by the Surrey Fire Service are suspended and open burning of any kind is banned in the city.

To date in 2020, Surrey Fire Service has attended 45 brush / grass fires and 124 burning complaints.

Open burning / backyard fires are not allowed in the City of Surrey at any time of year and any fire service attendance to an open burning complaint may be subject to cost recovery.

Natural gas, propane or charcoal briquettes are permitted as long as they are being used in ULC/CSA-approved devices for that particular product.

For detailed information you can visit the City’s website at: