Surrey Board of Trade an official Power Play Ambassador

POWERPLAY Young Entrepreneurs unveiled the PowerPlay Ambassador Program at a Surrey Board of Trade Business Pitch evening on November
28, featuring Grade 5-7 students.

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs is a Canadian charity that has a mandate to help young Canadians prepare for the future of work. They often collaborate with entrepreneurs, business professionals and other community leaders that share their passion for supporting education and empowering youth.

This year they have officially developed the PowerPlay Ambassador Program to foster this community connection at the grassroots level, by having business volunteers directly interact with students that participate in their elementary school program and at subsequent extracurricular events. This feature adds educational value and excitement to the program as students can further connect their learning to the real world.

“The Surrey Board of Trade itself creates entrepreneurship pathways and believes in the importance of connecting students with employers and business representatives in their community,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “It isn’t only about building a career, it is about creating innovative skill sets and building the jobs of tomorrow. The Surrey Board of Trade believes that empowering young people with an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to developing more entrepreneurial behaviour and preparing youth to flourish in our emerging economy.”

Given persistently high rates of youth unemployment in British Columbia—at 13.6% more than double the national average—preparing youth to follow an entrepreneurial path is not only an acceptable choice, but a strategic decision. The Surrey Board of Trade Youth Entrepreneurship Program focuses on events, connections and advocacy. It is enhancing the focus on youth entrepreneurship by supporting the current workforce as well as future business owners. Nurturing entrepreneurial skills in elementary students is a key part of the strategy.