Surrey Board of Trade applauds approved Surrey’s 104th Avenue Land Use Plan

SURREY City Council on Monday approved the Guildford Town Centre – 104th Avenue Corridor Plan that will support the enhancement of this important commercial hub and surrounding areas, resulting in a land use and transportation plan to guide redevelopment.

Anita Huberman

“The Surrey Board of Trade participated in the consultation and engagement of the 104th Avenue Corridor Plan. We applaud the City of Surrey for focusing on the revitalization of this corridor,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“However, rapid transit and transit technology options on the 104 Avenue Corridor needs to be expedited. We are already behind in transportation investments in Surrey.

“Developers will want to invest in an improved 104 Avenue corridor only with the confidence of significant transportation improvements in the area.

“The Surrey Board of Trade looks forward to continuing our dialogue with TransLink and the City of Surrey to ensure that transportation options and land use options work together to support and attract business and enhance livability.”

The next step is to begin Stage 2 of the 104th Avenue Land Use Plan which will include a review of the servicing requirements for the area. A financial strategy will also be prepared to ensure that new infrastructure, parks and community amenities are adequately funded.

City staff also unveiled plans for two new schools in the area.

More information:

This link will take you to the corporate report on page 478. The land-use plan goes until Appendix 4:


  1. This person has her office on 104. How and why is it more important than corridor plans for every other major East-West artery in the city ? Weak article.

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