Surrey increases efforts to reduce recycling contamination

Surrey's blue recycling bin. Photo: City of Surrey

THE City of Surrey is taking increased steps towards a greener future with the launch of a city-wide campaign to promote and educate residents about proper recycling practices across Surrey.

Central to the campaign is an educational video starring a talking City of Surrey blue bin that explains the “do’s and don’ts” of recycling. The goal of the campaign is to reduce recycling contamination and promote responsible waste management practices.

Residents of Surrey are asked to carefully consider where to dispose of household items that cannot be placed in curbside recycling bins, such as kitchen pots and pans, shoes and clothing, books, glass, and appliances and electronics. These items make up the top contaminants found in blue recycling bins across the city and can contribute to high City fines, as well as more waste being sent to landfills as a result of improper recycling.

Instead, these items can be donated or dropped off for free at the Central Surrey Recycling and Waste Centre where they can be handled and recycled appropriately. By doing so, residents contribute to reducing waste and protecting the environment.

This outreach continues after improper recycling in 2022 led to 4,100 Surrey households receiving a contamination notice. The consequences of improper recycling can lead to non-pickup, fines for the City, and creates hazardous conditions for our waste collection workers.

The City of Surrey’s ongoing effort of increasing awareness about building responsible recycling habits is part of its commitment to sustainability and ensuring a cleaner city for all. Through education, community engagement, and municipal enforcement, the City strives to reduce pollution, City fines and high waste collection utility rates. For more information, visit