Surrey Mayor wasting more taxpayers’ money as City challenges constitutionality of provincial police transition

SURREY Mayor Brenda Locke is determined to waste more taxpayers’ money as she announced on Monday that the City of Surrey is amending its petition in the Supreme Court of British Columbia to challenge the constitutionality of the Province’s recent amendments to the Police Act.

“The province continues to take drastic measures to force Surrey into an expensive police transition, now removing civilian and local oversight of policing in spite of the will of voters and their elected government,” said Locke. “This takeover of policing by the province will cost Surrey taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, and result in a double-digit, NDP imposed tax increase.”

Locke came up with an unverified financial figure as she continued to pursue her scare tactics. She claimed that over the next decade, the province’s police transition is estimated to cost at least $464 million with no additional public safety benefit to the residents of Surrey.

“When I was elected, I was given a mandate to end this expensive and disorganized police transition, and the NDP are telling Surrey voters that their voice doesn’t matter,” said Locke. “Today, we are expanding our legal petition because Surrey taxpayers simply cannot afford the province’s police takeover.”

Surrey’s plan to retain the Surrey RCMP:


2023-11-20 Amended Petition City of Surrey (unfiled)

2023.11.20 LTR Mayor Locke to Honourable Mike Farnworth


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