Surrey Police Service: City Councillors Hundial and Locke getting increasingly desperate

AFTER the massive good publicity Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum garnered last week thanks to his Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension vision that has become more of a certain reality because of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new transit funding announcement and the backing of the NDP government and Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart, Surrey City Councillors Jack Hundial, a former RCMP officer, and Brenda Locke, a former BC Liberal MLA, found themselves in a veritable dilemma.

Looking like a pair of political losers, they apparently decided to cause problems on the police transition front in order to try and retrieve whatever little credibility they can.

So on Monday, they sent a letter to over 1,000 elected officials in local governments in the province, claiming: “The financial impact of the Surrey Police Transition has yet to be determined, but regardless, it will be an additional cost burden for every municipality.”

Without wasting time on their distorted reasoning, we suggest that they should wake up to the reality of the ongoing transition to a municipal police force in Surrey. The provincial government has already made it clear that there will be a Surrey Police Service.

Obviously, there are always teething problems when there is such a massive project. But the provincial government is firmly committed to the switching over.

Hundial and Locke, who are not really known for their intelligence, need to be reminded that Surrey voters delivered a slap in their face when they not only re-elected all six incumbent NDP MLAs – Jinny Sims (Surrey-Panorama), Rachna Singh (Surrey-Green Timbers), Jagrup Brar (Surrey-Fleetwood), Harry Bains (Surrey-Newton), Bruce Ralston (Surrey-Whalley) and Garry Begg (Surrey-Guildford) – but also booted out Marvin Hunt (Surrey-Cloverdale) and replaced him with the NDP’s Mike Starchuk in spite of the BC Liberals and RCMP supporters making the police transition the hot issue in the city in last year’s election.

And that was despite all the slander and distortion that the pro-RCMP forces had heaped – and continue to do so – on their opponents. But the silent majority defeated the obscenely loud minority – and exposed their undemocratic and fascist ways.

Now Locke and Hundial are getting increasingly desperate as they see defeat staring them in their face.