Surrey RCMP Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald’s statement on policing contract

Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald
Photo by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo Studio

SURREY RCMP’s Officer in Charge, Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald, on Friday issued the following statement regarding the Surrey RCMP policing contract:


AS Surrey welcomes a new Mayor and Council, the Surrey RCMP understands that a new direction for policing will be advanced by the City of Surrey. The decision on what type of police force a city has is made by the municipality, the Province and Public Safety Canada. As the current contracted service provider, the Surrey RCMP will not be a participant in this process.

As the Officer in Charge of Surrey Detachment I want to assure all residents that, throughout this process, we will continue to police the City of Surrey with professionalism, integrity, and superior service. Our number one priority has always been public safety in Surrey, and it will continue to be our number one priority for as long as we have the honour of being this city’s contracted police force.

I believe that our decreasing crime rate, extensive prevention and intervention programs, and community engagement efforts demonstrate that we are doing an excellent job in policing this city and are a testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment of our police officers and municipal employees.

I look forward to working with the new Mayor and Council to enhance public safety in Surrey.


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