Trudeau government forced to backpedal on their flawed justice reform legislation: Conservatives

Tony Clement

TONY Clement, Conservative Critic for Justice, on Friday in a statement pointed out the Trudeau government’s decision to backpedal on their “flawed” justice reform legislation.

Clement said: “Canada’s Conservatives understand that a strong criminal justice system must always put the rights of victims before the rights of criminals. Yesterday, after months of pressure from Conservatives and Canadians, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals were forced to strengthen penalties for terrorism-related crimes.”

Clement noted: “The Liberals have defended C-75 for months, including watering down penalties for serious crimes to as little as a fine. While we are pleased they have backed down and agreed to some of our amendments, we remain concerned that they are still weakening punishments for serious crimes like possessing a forged passport, interfering with military forces, possession of explosives, and others.

“Conservatives have been relentless in our pursuit to fix C-75 and we’re proud of the work we have done to help keep Canadians safe. However, the reality is Justin Trudeau is still failing to recognize the seriousness of these crimes. This failure has consequences. Canadians are less safe and secure.

“Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will always put the rights of victims ahead of criminals, and will hold the Prime Minister to account when he fails to do the same.”