Liberals ignore national security risk in rush to embrace China: Conservatives

Tony Clement

CONSERVATIVE Official Opposition Public Safety critic, Tony Clement, said on Tuesday that the Chinese takeover of  Montreal-based ITF Technologies, a leader in fibre-laser technology, is  proof the Liberal government will sell off national security to curry favour with the regime in Beijing.

National security agencies have warned Ottawa that allowing a Chinese firm, O-Net Communications, to take over ITF would undermine a technological advantage that Western militaries have over China, he noted.

“We now have proof the Prime Minister is willing to place China’s interests ahead of Canada’s. He disregarded advice from our security establishment, and dismissed the threat to Canada’s national security in his reckless courtship of Chinese investment,” said Clement. “This does not bode well for Canada’s interests, especially in a Canada-China free trade deal. How much more is Trudeau willing to give away?”

He said the former Conservative government halted the takeover by the Chinese firm, O-Net, in 2015 due to the national security concerns, but the Liberals have now quashed that order and approved the acquisition.

Clement noted that this announcement comes just days after China’s new envoy to Canada, Ambassador Lu Shaye, made comments that Beijing is seeking unfettered access for Chinese state-owned firms to all key sectors of the Canadian economy during free-trade talks. The ambassador also said and that human rights and national security concerns from Canada will be disregarded, and cannot be used as a “bargaining chip”.

“When will this government stand up for the best interest of Canadians and public safety?” asked Clement. “It’s time Justin Trudeau put national security ahead of his admiration of China’s communist dictatorship and his fondness towards Chinese billionaires.”