Surrey RCMP firearms trafficking investigation leads to large seizure of items, including 37 firearms

Photos: RCMP

Suspect demonstrated no discretion when it came to whom the firearms were sold to


IN early 2022, the Surrey RCMP Drug Unit, the Surrey RCMP Gang Enforcement Team, and the Surrey RCMP Robbery Unit initiated a collaborative investigation into firearms trafficking involving a Provincial Tactical Enforcement Priority (PTEP) target, who at the time was residing in Surrey.

PTEP targets are people who are identified as individuals or groups that pose a risk to public safety, either through their behavior or links to organized crime. The suspect in this investigation does not have any known gang ties, however, he poses a risk to public safety though his proliferation of easily accessible prohibited firearms and ammunition, police said.

The investigation revealed that the suspect was selling firearms and demonstrated no discretion when it came to whom the firearms were sold to.

On December 1, the Surrey RCMP units with the assistance of the Lower Mainland Integrated Emergency Response Team and the National Weapons Enforcement Support Team (NWEST) executed a search warrant on a business located in the 1300-block of Ketch Court in Coquitlam.

A search of the warehouse resulted in the seizure of multiple items related to firearms trafficking, including:

– 3D printed AR15 lower receiver accompanied by a manufactured .22 caliber upper receiver;
– Suppressor for a rifle;
– 4 air soft guns;
– .22 caliber upper conversion kit with ammunition;
– Body armour;
– Over 100,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibers;
– Several hundred magazines (many of which were loaded and prohibited);
– 37 firearms including:

* 2 3D printed Glock “ghost guns”;
* 1 pistol;
* 26 Carbine/assault style rifles;
* 2 shotguns; and
* 6 hunting rifles.

3D printed Glock “ghost guns”.

A 42 year-old man was arrested and later released pending further investigation. The investigation is ongoing with many additional crucial steps required prior to submission to BC Prosecution Service for charge approval.

“Firearms trafficking places illegal firearms in the hands of criminals, who use them to commit brazen acts of violence, which we have recently seen across the region,” said Surrey RCMP proactive enforcement officer Inspector Ryan Element.

“Although these firearms were seized in Coquitlam, they had the potential to be sold and used to carry out acts of violence in any one of our communities. Seizures of this nature directly impact all of our safety.”