Surrey RCMP question some 30 people after gunfire at party house listed on Airbnb

JUST before midnight on Friday, gunfire at a party house listed on Airbnb around 55A Avenue and Bakerview Drive in Surrey led to a massive response by RCMP.
Police took some 30 people into custody, but let them go after checking their identities and questioning them. There were no gunshot injuries and no firearm was recovered.
Officers guarded the house on Saturday as they awaited a search warrant. Several vehicles parked on the property were also to be searched by police.
One of the residents in the neighbourhood told CTV: “It was probably like ten shots, staggered, like bang, bang, bang … and then like bang, bang, and then a couple more after that.”
Another said: “I heard bang, bang, bang, like three shots go off. It kind of freaked me out so I ran into my house, and then I heard what sounded like possibly retaliatory fire. It was either two or three more shots. And then I heard the first gun go off again another three times. And then I heard more retaliatory shots.”