The Long Long Table: A community affair

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Event: The Long Long Table: A Community Affair
When: June 27, 2017, dinner time
Where:Civic Plaza (13450 104 Avenue)
What: Long table dinner with 220 guests and menu inspired by Canadiancuisine

Pull up a chairand take a seat at The Long, Long Table at Civic Plaza on June 27th, 2017, fora unique dining experience with our community. Sit with friends and family, orbetter yet, sit with a stranger and share a story.

The Long Long Table brings together community members of allbackgrounds to share a unique dining experience. It is a chance for people whowork, live, and learn in our downtown core to come together and celebratecommunity. Additionally, this year The Long, Long Table will also becelebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. Located in the centre of Downtown Surrey,The Long, Long Table will be set up in beautiful Civic Plaza, on June 27th,2017. With over 200 seats available, diners can look forward an opportunity tobuild new friendships and connections within our diverse community.

Participants can look forward to a delicious five-course mealoutside in the scenic Civic Plaza. Each course of the meal features a differentnarrative of Canadian heritage. The ingredients are all locally sourced, sodiners will have an opportunity to not only eat a delicious meal, but cansupport local farmers as well. We’re also not kidding about The Long, LongTable. The dinner table spans 280 feet, which is almost the length of a fullsize football field.

Take a seat at The Long, Long Table and enjoy a journeythrough Canada from coast to coast. The main feature of this event will, ofcourse, be the food. The five-course meal highlights delicious Canadiancuisine. From traditional bannock and salmon, to fresh Slats Spring IslandSalad, this dinner is fit for Canada’s milestone birthday celebration. Whileenjoying the meal, diners can take in the sounds of Canada. There will be localmusicians and and performers showcasing Canadian culture and talent throughoutthe evening.

Tickets for The Long, Long Table are $40 each and availableonline until June 26th. Visit llt2017.eventbrite.caand purchase your tickets today.