All Star Wrestling presents Wrestling With Honor featuring Former ROH World Champion Kyke O’ Rielly




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Once again its time for all of you to join us for a night of ASW family entertainment.  So grab your MOM, DAD, SISTER,or BROTHER and head on down to the heart of the Cloverdale fairgrounds to the Alice McKay Building for some Historical wrestling.  We assure you that once you take your seat you will only need half.  So we hope to see you soon June 9th for some All Star Wrestling action as we present WRESTLING WITH HONOR!!

Former ROH World Champion Kyle O’Reilly vs Loose Cannon Kenny Lush

Around the world of Pro Wrestling there is a group that is so elite and in a class of there own.  In this match two of the very best wrestlers will face off and you the people will be left breathless.  Loose Cannon Kenny Lush is a former ASW Champion and has wrestled every opponent that was put in front of him.

Kyle O’Reilly is originally from the Pacific Northwest but has relocated to the USA to become one of the best in the world today.  Kyle brings a pedigree that is almost unmatched and is clearly looking to make each and everyone at the Alice McKay Building a believer.  Putting these two together in one ring at the same time can only mean you the fans will be on the edge of your seat wanting more!

Moondog Manson is back and will be facing Azeem The Dream!Azeem The Dream has been violently blinding people in what some are calling hardcore tactics.  Team USA will be nowhere to be found so Azeem will be all alone.  Moondog Manson was waiting ever so patiently until someone turned up the hardcore element so he could well…show up and do his form of wrestling.  Azeem has been tormenting every wrestler from coast to coast but we will see if Moondog Manson can stop Azeem and teach him some respect!

Air Adonis will be in flight taking on the most hated man in ASW, Adam Ryder!
Its a bird nope its a plane…..Making his return to ASW is none other than Air up there Adonis.  He can fly through the air with the greatest of ease and its only painful on the landing.  Adam “Former Champion” Ryder wants nothing better to shut you fans up with yet another win.  The only grand Champion in ASW history, Ryder wants nothing better than to defeat Air Adonis and climb one step closer.

Ravenous Randy Myers returns to ASW teaming with Sgt Mike Everest vs The Tokyo Raiders

One of the most out going out landish weirdos is making his return once again to ASW and he isnt coming alone.  Ravenous Randy Myers is once again partnered up with Sgt.Mike Everest and they are the former ASW Tag Team Champions.  The Tokyo Raiders are steadily climbing the ladder to greatness.  Every chance they get to one up there opponent they strive in numbers.  The odds are equal so now lets see how this fight goes.  From the first bell to the last you the ASW fans will be the deciding factor.

Kellen Raeth returns to ASW to battle Matt Xstatic
Matt Xstatic was the fan favourite who everyone loved. Matt Xstatic was on top of the ASW atmosphere but then out of nowhere he turned his back and turned lone wolf.  Kellen Raeth is no stranger to ASW, in fact last time Kellen was in Cloverdale he had the people behind him cheering his every move!

The Black Sheep Dave Turner makes his ASW debut vs Salty Seaman 

Salty Seaman is a crowd pleasing deep sea land lover who simply wants to keep you wanting more.  From the first title wave of action Salty aims to deliver.  Black Sheep Dave Turner is new to All Star Wrestling but has been creating destruction with his opponents across the Pacific Northwest. Can the the Seaman pick up a win or will the Black Sheep sink Salty’s  ship!

Meet the Wrestlers after the show at the Attic!



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